Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flower Hacking

No I ain't evil. =( I didn't hack flowers with a rake.

Oh... I meant hacking gnome-shell with flowers! I must be darn bored today.

If you guys didn't know yet, the $GNOME_SHELL_DIR/data/theme contains all the files needed to make your gnome shell look like, well how it look like. So I had an idea.

I created a .. flower..
in GIMP. And export it as a GIMP brush. Then I created a 52x52 pixel GIMP file with transparent background and I arranged my flowers on it.
I saved it as flowercorner.png. Then I place the file in $GNOME_SHELL_DIR/data/theme/. After which I changed gnome-shell.css codes to refer to the new image instead.
.ripple-box {
    width: 52px;
    height: 52px;
    background-image: url("flowercorner.png");
After restarting gnome shell ...

Okay that's all for now. Who knows... I may make a 'flower and bee' theme for gnome-shell wahahaha.

Friday, March 25, 2011

End of the Internship: Resolution

It's been a long time since I last blogged; or at least... making a 'willing' blog post. I sure would've a lot of things to blabber about, but with so many 'other things' going on in life I just totally didn't have time nor the mood to do it.

I've been writing things, in a way, for the intended audience, which is just so not my style of blogging. Maybe it's because the fact of how 'potential employers' may have come across my blog and I want them to have a good impression. I have my own perspective, opinions, and things that I believe in, and I think it should be time for me to start writing that way.

Private stuffs aside, I must say that this internship is a huge success in its aims to educate how women are able to participate in free software projects. I may already been self-educated about what 'free as in libre' software means, lots of jargons, the motivation behind free software and etc, but I had yet discover a way to get involved, until this internship. I learned a lot of things in these 3 months, and that includes learning javascript(actually from scratch) and git. (I am now using git together with my personal stuffs like .bashrc .vimrc... it's really a great piece of software.) Of course, not to mention that valuable experiences that I've learnt which will help me in my future.

Personally, I love Gnome Shell. I mean seriously and I ain't just saying that because I am a Gnome Shell developer. It makes interacting with the desktop a lot easier, comparing to using the classic Gnome 2 desktop. I remembered there were certain negative feedback about it but you just can't expect things to be perfect... I mean, it's a complete rewrite. People are scared of changes, and since Gnome Shell has changed tremendously over its ancestor, it'll be only natural there are haters to it. I am however a person who's flexible and I totally like how Gnome Shell is designed to be used.

I think there's all for now or I may be going out of topic :p.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Status Update


  • [Bug 639468]Changed default icon for contacts without an avatar for empathy
    • [Patch]Posted on 17/02/2011, Committed on 17/02/2011


  • [Bug 636680]Implemented suspend function in statusMenu.js
  • [Bug 636838]Separate Banner and Summary Modes
    • [Patch 182203]Incoming notifications will only be shown if there is no focused tray items. Posted on 16/02/2011, Overwritten by [Patch 181092]
    • [Patch 181092]Incoming notifications will only be shown if there is no focused tray items, Unread summary items are marked with a glow. Posted on 17/02/2011, Reviewed on 17/02/2011
  • [Bug 617224]Message Tray Design Update
    • [Patch 180685]Added right click menu for summary items. Posted on 11/02/2011, Reviewed on 25/02/2011

Awaiting for review

  • [Bug 636838]Separate Banner and Summary Modes
    • [Patch 182203]Unread notifications(including summary notifications) are marked with a glow. Posted on 01/03/2011


  • [Bug 630937]Enables navigation using arrow keys in notifications with buttons
  • [Bug 617234]Notifications from telepathyClient are aligned towards the left and grouped together
  • [Bug 630942]Notifications with CRITICAL urgency are no longer timed out
  • [Bug 630934]Chats should jump to the top of the notification queue
  • [Bug 630767]Increase the timeout for hiding the tray if the mouse didn't move far from it