Friday, March 25, 2011

End of the Internship: Resolution

It's been a long time since I last blogged; or at least... making a 'willing' blog post. I sure would've a lot of things to blabber about, but with so many 'other things' going on in life I just totally didn't have time nor the mood to do it.

I've been writing things, in a way, for the intended audience, which is just so not my style of blogging. Maybe it's because the fact of how 'potential employers' may have come across my blog and I want them to have a good impression. I have my own perspective, opinions, and things that I believe in, and I think it should be time for me to start writing that way.

Private stuffs aside, I must say that this internship is a huge success in its aims to educate how women are able to participate in free software projects. I may already been self-educated about what 'free as in libre' software means, lots of jargons, the motivation behind free software and etc, but I had yet discover a way to get involved, until this internship. I learned a lot of things in these 3 months, and that includes learning javascript(actually from scratch) and git. (I am now using git together with my personal stuffs like .bashrc .vimrc... it's really a great piece of software.) Of course, not to mention that valuable experiences that I've learnt which will help me in my future.

Personally, I love Gnome Shell. I mean seriously and I ain't just saying that because I am a Gnome Shell developer. It makes interacting with the desktop a lot easier, comparing to using the classic Gnome 2 desktop. I remembered there were certain negative feedback about it but you just can't expect things to be perfect... I mean, it's a complete rewrite. People are scared of changes, and since Gnome Shell has changed tremendously over its ancestor, it'll be only natural there are haters to it. I am however a person who's flexible and I totally like how Gnome Shell is designed to be used.

I think there's all for now or I may be going out of topic :p.

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