Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Introduction for Planet GNOME

So I am actually just a pretty normal computer science student studying in Singapore, whose curiousity brought me to even consider participating in the Outreach Program for Women. Yes. I was utterly surprised when I got accepted. It came totally unexpected. I'd like to thank the GNOME Foundation for giving me this chance! One way I'm rather special, is that there are probably not that many people (esp girls) who play as much with Linux as I do (again, esp in Singapore). Though I already stopped much of the playing ... Yep. I think that's all about me. Don't miss me though cause I am gonna post back here about my work on GNOME Shell as a requirement for this program D: A final thing that I want to say is, I love my mentor (Marina). She's really really kind and I am really glad to have her as my mentor <3.

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