Monday, December 27, 2010

Hacking the week before Christmas.

This should summarize what I've done for the past week. Actually, a little more than two weeks; the first patch was posted on Thursday. When work started on the 15th, I continued working on Bug 630937 by posting the third patch. It is still currently the process on being reviewed; so Marina asked me to start on a couple of other bugs as well. I worked on Bug 630934, just as I was about to post a new patch, I noticed Bugzilla was down. So I sent the patch to Marina via email instead. We then discussed about the urgency of messages(over IRC) and how we should implement more generic urgency for easy future implementation of notification features. Then I posted another patch based on the specifications I've discussed. Then unfortunately, I fell sick on Friday(Christmas Eve), sleeping 20 hours on the day itself :p. Guess I was tired from all the weird sleeping schedules. That's all folks I guess, meanwhile I will be working on Bug 630760

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